Cleaning with the best! - Its a "Clean Thing"
Specials and Extra services

Our super-clean optional services are as listed:
All prices vary please ask for pricing on these items,

Window cleaning (including inside and outside screens, and sash)

Oven cleaning(including inside and outside( also cleaning behind)

Refrigerator and freezer cleaning(including inside and outside, top , behind and disposing of all expired food.

Dishwasher cleaning (including the inside and outside of the dishwasher)

Cabinet cleaning (including the faces and tops, oiling if applicable, and pulling out all items in cabinet, and cleaning out inside, cleaning any items on top of cabinets)

Carpet cleaning (additional charge to move furniture)

Organizing (book cases, closets, pantry's, basements, etc)

Please let us know what services you are interested in when scheduling your cleaning.

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